ashley judd stars as a successful attorney whose husband ( james caviezel) is accused of war crimes and is arrested. she is shocked to find out that he has hidden his past as a classified military operative from her, but she suspects a cover- up and so decides to represent him at his court- martial, with the help of a retired lawyer ( morgan freeman) who' s familiar with the military justice system.
high crimes" is a movie like that. judd plays claire kubik, a high- profile defense attorney for a big firm. when her ex- army husband ( jim caviezel) is arrested by the fbi, charged with murder and arraigned before a military tribunal, she defiantly says she will defend him herself.
though the movie contains too much of the typical hollywood violence, sex and language, the story and pacing of suspense are great. high crimes has a moral worldview that values truth above all, but there are elements that disparage the military and patriotism, and the characters make many relativistic choices throughout the story. since the sex, language, nudity, and alcohol themes are widespread, this movie is unsuitable for teenagers.
the review of this movie prepared by jack bauer based on the joseph finder novel, high crimes is a movie directed by carl franklin in. claire kubik' s husband tom is arrested and sent to a military prison near san diego. 39; high crimes' would be a wholly competent thriller if it weren' t for the plot holes that you could drive an army issue humvee through.
starring ashley judd and morgan freeman, ' high crimes' is an almost forgotten product of mediocrity from. high crimes is merely mediocre, an all- but- thrilless thriller of the " loved not wisely but too well" betrayed- woman genre. freeman and judd have a lot of chemistry, as we saw in the much better kiss the girls.
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