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During the course of the series, 222 episodes of my little pony: friendship is magic aired, including two specials over nine seasons, between octo, and octo. The complete guide by msn. The ultimate battle. 6 créé par sugarshy et retropony. By clicking on this button, you can display the " junk" episode, in other word, broken ( from itunes) or " without subs" files replaced by " with optional subs".

Season 9 of the series premiered on ap, on discovery family, an american pay television channel partly owned by hasbro, and concluded with a three- part series finale on october 12. Escape from the legion. See full list on retromedialibrary. Speculation went rampant on this one over the last year, but it seems we finally have confirmation of some sad news. They blast the ponies with powerful magic, but they are unexpectedly protected by a magic barrier with no idea who created it. Cupcake song ( call of the cutie) 7. Video clip: episode 6 boast busters 13.

The final season focuses on twilight preparing to become the new ruler of equestria after princess celestia and princess luna' s retirement. Ich habe die untertitel nicht erstellt und ich habe das video nicht selbst animiert. Season 9 last episode by snowmaliy on deviantart. So many wonders ( the cutie mark chronicles) 11. Pinkie' s gala fantasy song ( the ticket master) 3. We buy episodes on google play or amazon.

Watch my little pony: friendship is magic - season 9, episode 12 - that' s a laugh: pinkie pie reunites with her old friend, cheese sandwich, who asks for her help when he believes that he lost his. It premiered as the final episode of the series, as part of the 90- minute finale with the ending of the end - part 1 and the ending of the end - part 2. ( pony point of view) episode 23: where the apple lies; episode 24: top bolt; episode 25: to where and back again, pt. I also love the relationship between celestia and twilight.

Video clip: episode 5 griffon the brush- off 11. With tara strong, ashleigh ball, kathleen barr, andrea libman. Click here and start watching the full episode in seconds. ( pony point of view) vostfr vf; episode 23 where the apple lies vostfr vf; episode 24 top bolt vostfr vf; episode 25 to where and back again - part. 3 6 - pinkie pie: hyper- helper 7 - the trail less trotten; death of a sales- pony 8 - bighoof walking; the fluttershy effect 9 - the fast and the furriest; disappearing act 10 - badge of shame; discord' s peak. As the rest of the mane six try to figure out an escape, discord apologizes for causing such a crisis and promises to make amends for it. Equestria in pieces. However, it was still released the following day on the nc+ go on- demand service. Septem: upon pressure from people on some random online forum, i watched the first episode of mlp: fim from some youtube upload and instantly thought, hey this show is actually really fun to watch! Watch my little pony: friendship is magic season 1 episode 15 online feeling pinkie keen : twilight learns that pinkie pie has an unusual ability to sense happenings in the immediate future, known around ponyville as " pinkie sense. See full list on mlp.

A villain breaks free from tartarus, and discord is tasked with finding him. Just like celestia did for twilight years before, twilight sends luster dawn to ponyville. What episode of my little pony friendship is magic? This includes season 9 when each episode becomes available. Display junk episodes i understand that yayponies isnt responsible for broken download in " junk". Video clip: episode 9 bridle gossip ( aug) in september, the episode " the best night ever" was made available in its entirety. After the destruction of the tree of harmony, the rise of the villains to supreme power, the abandonment of the school of friendship, and the pony races being driven apart, twilight has lost all hope that they can win.

In this video i go into some of the little snippets and try to speculate what this. Episode 9 song: " evil enchantress" 5. Season 8 of mlp hasn' t been good. Twilight finishes telling her story to luster dawn, explaining that friendships can be hard and take work to maintain, but life is even harder without them.

Mlp fim episodes. Watch mlp s09e01 - piorun_ pl on dailymotion. A perfect catastrophe. 3, 456 likes · 148 talking about this. My little pony friendship is magic – season 9 episodethe ending of the endén kicsi pónim varázslatos barátság 9 évad 24 és 25 részek the ending of the end. At the gala ( the best night ever) these songs were not dubbed in japanese or korean: 1. Watch my little pony: friendship is magic season 2 episode 25 online. Today hasbro has confirmed that season 9 of friendship is magic will the final season of the tv series, ending the show after an amazing nine year run that no one could dare dream of in. Pony pokey ( the best night ever) this song was dubbed in japanese but not in korean: 1.

Luster takes twilight' s lesson to heart and realizes that friendship is not a waste of time like she originally thought, but she is unsure where to start making friends. Watch my little pony friendship is magic 3 ways! Mlp fim s08 e09 · non- compete clause mlp - fim season 8 episodes 9 - non compete clause my little pony friendship is magic mlp fim 5, may mlp fim may 5, 0 mlp fim mlp fim may 5th may mlp fim may 5, 05-. So much that most of the episodes are either repeats from previous seasons or just unsatisfying despite some good things in them, like bringing back fan favorites. The finale ( season 9 episode 26) is basically about twilights coronation, and it takes you into the future, to see what the main six are doing. I didn' t create the subtitles and i do not own this content.

Va bobby g here to do ratings and reviews on season 8 of mlp similar to what i did with season 7 and season 4. If the download doesn' t start once you' ve followed the link, save the target file ( usually by right- clicking and choosing " save link as. All i do is put in the season and episode number after my little pony friendship is magic, example my little pony season x episode x, and go to the videos tab on google, i browse till i find an acceptable full episode on youtube. News and info about the lastest epiosdes of my little pony friendship is magic. The last problem is the twenty- sixth episode of season nine of my little pony friendship is magic and the show' s two hundred and twenty- second episode overall. You got to share, you got to care ( over a barrel) 10. Later in, two dvds were made, and they were only available in limited stores. These songs were dubbed in both japanese and korean: 1. From early in to the summer, clips of the first nine episodes were released on the official website: 1. Episode 3 song: " grand galloping gala" 4.

Evil enchantress song ( bridle gossip) 6. Twilight finally makes it to the castle in time for the ceremony to begin, and princess celestia and princess lunaofficially introduce her as the new ruler of equestria. All videos remained online until the website was redesigned on decem. Video clip: episode 7 dragonshy ( j) 14. Is s9 really the last? Video clip: episode 3 the ticket master 9. Art of the dress ( suited for success). Sometimes, friends ( spoilers) mlp: fim season 8 ratings and thoughtshey guys! Smolder returns to the dragonlands with spike and fluttershy to help cheer up her sensitive brother, but when they arrive, they are surprised.

Twilight sparkle and friends tell a story about how twilight had to make a difficult decision when celestia and luna retire and hand the throne to twilight who must choose to either be the rightful ruler of equistria or stay in ponyville with her friends. However, the rest of twilight' s friends are more welcoming of this transition, explaining that change is natural and should be embraced. Though initially intended to be 11 minutes, each episode is 22 minutes long. Video clip: episode 2 elements of harmony 8. Episode 2 song: " face your fears" 3. To make matters even worse, the growing distrust and animosity between the po.

On febru, the show became first available in home media through itunes. You can also buy, rent my little pony friendship is magic on demand at amazon, hulu, google play, apple tv online. Where can i watch my little pony season x? Episode 18 buckball season vostfr vf; episode 19 the fault in our cutie marks vostfr vf; episode 20 viva las pegasus vostfr vf; episode 21 every little thing she does vostfr vf; episode 22 p. My little pony now on tv ( opening theme song) 7. Twilight, pinkie, and rainbow face off against chrysalis, tirek, and cozy and keep them occupied while the others try to steal the bell, but the villains quickly realize what they are up to and prevent any attempt to take it. Laughter song ( friendship is magic, part 2) 2. The ticket song ( the ticket master) 4. Season 9 guide for my little pony: friendship is magic tv series - see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary.

^ ^ " all bottled up" 9/ 10 - this second episode was a good one as well. Video clip: episode 4 applebuck season 10. Welcome to the [ archivename goes here] archive! The ninth and final season of the animated television series my little pony: friendship is magic, developed by lauren faust, originally aired on the discovery family channel in the united states. Applejack and pinkie pie are making final preparations for the ceremony; fluttershy is rehearsing with her animal friends; rainbow dash is overseeing a special wonderbolts routine; and rarity is using star spiders to weave twilight' s coronation gown. Due to higher demand and limited bandwidth, new episodes may take longer to download than older ones.

Where can i download season 9 of mlp? 15 votes and 10 comments so far on reddit. Directed by denny lu, mike myhre, jim miller. Video clip: episode 1 mare in the moon 2. My little pony friendship is magic, season 9 episode 26, is available to watch and stream on the hub. 6: breach zillatain. This episode was released on videoland' s on- demand service in the netherlands on aug, but was later taken down. Hop, skip and jump song ( dragonshy) 5. Blind reaction: mlp: fim season 5 episode 5 " tanks for the memories" tanks for the memories: mlp- s05e05: 16pad: 78.

Cutie mark crusaders song ( the show stoppers) 9. Season 9, episode 8 of the series my little pony: friendship is magic - grogar sends his legion of doom on a mission to become allies, but his plan works too. I' m at the grand galloping gala ( the best night ever) 13. Track my little pony: friendship is magic season 9 episodes. Season 1 1 - princess probz 2 - the best of the worst 3 - cute- pocalypse meow 4 - how applejack got her hat back 5 - bad thing no. At the crystal empire, twilight' s friends finally find her in one of the palace rooms, where she has been hard at work looking for a way to stop chrysalis, tirek, and cozy glow but failed to find one.

Twilight' s kingdom - part 1. The series is based on hasbro' s my little pony line of toys and animated works and is often referred by collectors to be the fourth generation, or " g4", of the my little pony franchise. When chrysalis, tirek, and cozy threaten serious harm to spike, the mane six surrender, and the villains prepare to finish them off. What is the last problem of my little pony? The mlp season 9 trailer was insane and i cant wait to watch the episodes. The original price was $ 69. The original united states airing of this episode added a " many moons later. So hard to say goodbye. Tirek refuses to trust discord, and discord is equally distrusting of tirek after he betrayed him during their previous alliance. The mane six face off against equestria' s most dangerous foes. The storybook closes.

Since then, new episodes have usually been released about 1- 2 days after their television premiere. Newest mlp movies are also included. Video clip: episode 8 look before you sleep ( j) 15. It also aired on plusplus in ukraine on septem. Hush now lullaby ( stare master) 8. See full list on retromedialibrary. Play my little pony games for girls on gamekidgame. 1; episode 26: to where and back again, pt. Of course, we all know that fanservice won' t save an episode, or even a season.

2; my little pony. The complete season boxset was released on decem. 99 - - very expensive for an entire season! Episode 18: buckball season; episode 19: the fault in our cutie marks; episode 20: viva las pegasus; episode 21: every little thing she does; episode 22: p. Video clip: equestria girls music video ( ) 12. It’ ll bring you to a secure german site where mlp episodes are available for download. " title card and removed the theme song. Winter wrap up ( winter wrap up) 2. " from the context men.

It is a really cool episode because you get to see all the characters as older ponies. My little pony friendship is magic – season 9 episodethe ending of the end. Pinkie pie' s singing telegram ( party of one) 12. What a fantastic episode!

" not willing to accept that all of the events her friend had predicted are anything but a mere coincidence, twilight sets out to find the truth behind pinkie' s. Eqd always has links in the description for sites you can watch it on. My little pony: friendship is magic season 9 episode 22 growing up is hard to do : when the cutie mark crusaders are magically transformed into grownups, they discover that growing up the right way means gaining experience and wisdom that simply can’ t be rushed. Type: “ xxnightmaremoonxx” in the search bar. Free online my little pony games for kids. Back at the castle, twilight feels her friends care more about making her coronation perfect than the fact th. Episode 25 the ending of the end - part 2 vostfr vf; episode 26 the last problem vostfr vf; mlp france v. However, the ceremony hits a number of snags: twilight briefly trips on her gown; fluttershy' s animal friends fight with rarity' s star spiders; the fireworks disrupt the wonderbolts' aerial routine; and the coronation guests are served applesauce instead of apple cider. As the villains debate how to make use of all the magic they have stolen, discord offers to tell them how to use his chaos magic. This episode was originally scheduled to air on septem on polish channel minimini+, but was replaced with a rerun of an earlier episode.

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