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Fanny packs ( bum bags) are the best for this, especially ones with inner or back zip pockets. Here' s what to bring, what to avoid, and most importantly, advice on where to pee. Ah, good old music festivals. We’ ve done this a lot, and we swear by these 10 hacks for making the most of the frendly gathering:. Music festival hacks that will turn a rookie into a veteran. To keep your fest- going experience as pleasant as possible, here are 14 music festival hacks that you' ll ( hopefully) thank us for by the end of the summer. Avoid cooking festival hack cheats for your own safety, choose our tips and advices confirmed by pro players, testers and users like you. These festival hacks and tips will save your skin. Camping hacks you have to try on your next tripwe know a lot of festive and camping tricks that will make your next trip more comfortable. 10 festival hacks for carnivals and oktoberfest.

Taking a campervan means you' ll have a much more comfortable camping experience. Ranging from quickmakeshift lanterns to hangover cures and everything in between, these 15 music festival hacks to help you camp like a pro should have you well on your way to the ultimate setup, check them out below: create a campsite lantern using a gallon jug of water and a flashlight camping hacks 101. Whether you’ re a music festival veteran or a newcomer to the scene, you could definitely up your festival game. Festival hacks now you’ ve decided which festivals you’ re heading to this summer thanks to our top picks it is time to start thinking about what you need to take with you. Picking the right camping spot. Portable battery packs even the most battery- conscious will find that their phone runs out of juice at some point over the weekend, particularly if you’ re taking photos or updating social media all the time. Avoid bulls run festival hack cheats for your own safety, choose our tips and advices confirmed by pro players, testers and users like you. A time for steamy flings on sandy beaches, sweltering humidity, unmanageable flyaways, and chaffing thighs ( probably from rolling with your steamy fling in those sandy shorts.

Make the most of your festival experience with these hacks and tips. Bring on the fanny packs ( bum bags) we know that they’ re not trendy or glam, but you need to take care of your stuff, a fanny pack will always have your back. We’ re breaking down the can’ t- miss camping music festivals, plus need- to- know hacks from camping pros. Picture: peopleimages/ getty. No one has to tell you that a hot sun, a full face of makeup, and all the sweat your body can produce is not a good mix. Be ready for anything with these think- ahead camping tips for summer music festivals. See more ideas about festival hacks, camping, the great outdoors. Festival camping tips: 14 festival hacks 29. Dry shampoo is an absolute necessity, and something every festival fanatic needs to pack.

So, while you’ re waiting for your favorite bands and artists to come on the stage again and electrify the public for the entire night, here are some festival hacks that will help you invest your limited budget smart. Whether it’ s your first festival or you’ re a seasoned pro, these 11 festival hacks and tips will take your weekend up to the next level. Check out my ten music festival hacks you need to know to ace your festival like an absolute pro. Photo – listerama – flickr.

This is subject to the layout of a. If ever there was a time or place to scale back on the full face of makeup, it' s definitely during festival season. 11 festival hacks to make your reading festival experience even better 18. | camping how to guides the mountain warehouse festival survival guide has all the tips and tricks you need to help you make the most out of your summer festival experience. Festival hack # 3: scale back on the full coverage. Get a cheap phone for the festival.

One of the few times a year where you can shed your 9 to 5. If you have any other festival hacks or tips to share, don’ t forget to drop a comment below this article! You already spent $ 300 on your ticket, now do you really want to spend another $ 6 every time you need water ( which will be a lot)? If you’ re going to heed any of these festival hacks, heed this one. By danielle july 24,. Dry shampoo is your new best friend. Here are 28 festival hacks that will really improve your weekend away. This is a must for all filmmakers!

Film festival hacks is a course pulls back the curtain on the film festival business ( and it is a business). Festival goers high five. If you want the most effective music festival tips and hacks, this is the resource for you. " i bring the festival programmer' s perspective, of course, but my co- instructor for this course, alex ferrari, is an award winning filmmaker with almost 600 international film festivals under his belt. Cooking festival tricks hints guides reviews promo codes easter eggs and more for android application. For example, we sh. Here are 10 music festival hacks you need to know! Here are 10 essential festival hacks to make you a wise camper this summer! This is our number one festival hack because it' s actually a whole lot of hacks in one. Here are our top reasons to take a campervan to a music festival: no hassle setting up or taking down a tent.

This one take- along will enable all your languorous, snoozy times. You will be taught from " both sides of the badge. Be clever with alcohol alcohol is expensive at festivals, so it’ s best to be prepared. Most festivals allow you to take a certain amount of booze into the camping area, but not into the main festival. 10 weekend festival hacks. Posts tagged “ festival hacks ” the dos and don’ ts of festivals – fashion fashion is always a big thing at festivals, i’ m never quite sure why as it usually gets very cold, wet and muddy ( at least in the uk) and, with lack of showers, it is hard to keep yourself looking presentable. Luckily for you, we’ re here to give you our list of top festival hacks. Obviously, we know you’ re not stupid but sometimes in all the excitement, you can forget things. Camping at a music festival means that there’ s no need to worry about transportation to and from the grounds, and there’ s no excuse to miss out on all of the fun acts and events happening around the clock. Explore hariano' s board " 45 festival hacks camping the great outdoors" on pinterest.

Our music festival hacks are actually useful, and provide attendees with actionable, easy ways to enhance their experience. Speaking of a mattress, as the one true king or queen of lazy, all you need is a quick festival nap. Check out our list of camping hacks you can use at music festivals this summer. You won' t be able to take photos but at least the battery will last forever. ( source: ecowatch. Ask a question or add answers, watch video tutorials & submit own opinion about this game/ app. By sommer bonnaroo festival hacks intermediate sunday' s with sommer festival essentials: what i wouldn’ t be caught without when getting ready for any festival, bonnaroo included, there are obviously the typical items that you want to make sure that you have. See more ideas about festival hacks, music festival, festival. My main hacks for surviving a music festival are: bring a sweatshirt at night, because it does get cold, and wear a bandana to cover your face when it gets windy, " says 17- year- old oliva jade. In the past four years, i have got the opportunity to attend quite a few carnivals and festivals in europe.

A great festival hack is to make sure your bags all have zips, and keep your most valuable items ( money, phone, cards) in the innermost pocket of your bag. Music festival hacks, tips and must- haves. These music festival hacks have derived from over 15 years’ worth of experience of attending music festivals in the uk, across europe and the world! Pack your bags according to the weather forecast. Carry at least one portable phone. Music festival camping hacks 01: 09. Com) grab a quick siesta.

It’ s the one true festival hack your lazy self needs. Bulls run festival tricks hints guides reviews promo codes easter eggs and more for android application. You have an actual bed to sleep in. Music 10/ 11/ 18. 5 family camping trips to book now. It' s summertime and the living' s easy. Bulls run festival tricks hints guides reviews promo codes easter eggs and more for android application. If you' re already buying tickets to music festivals this summer, we partnered with hilton for packing hacks that will make your next weekend concert awesome.

This is the ultimate guide of festival apparel hacks for you to rave until the break of dawn. 23 music festival hacks that will make your experience way more fun. Seal your water bottle. Remember the time i was attacked with confetti on the streets of basel during fasnacht?

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