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This version uses the more detailed version of the gun. The transformers collection. Spitznagel - spkspitznagel spk 03815 pcb mount transformer 230v to 15v 3. Vigortronix vtxpcb transformer 110/ 220/ 240vac 6va – 1. Shrapnel ( decoy, 1987) 1. More information on robot heroesinsecticon at tfu. This website is permanently closed. Springer' s shuttle was shot down by the revenge over the planet junkion, where he was forced to do battle with an aggressive wreck- gar and another junkion. Robust, custom- made spitznagel transformers are real specialists. Prime described springer as \ \ " the toughest of the autobot triple changers\ \ ".

5va at the best online prices at ebay! Springer was among the first autobots to leap into the battle of autobot city in. He helped arcee transform the city into its heavily- armed, armored fortress configuration, and later used an oversized piece of artillery to bombard devastator. When super- charged electrical bolts burst out of his antennae and scramble the microchips of an opponent, skrapnel opens his audio receptors to the max, and his corresponding victory cry can be heard for miles around. Transformers team have in excess of 20 years experience in the transformer industry. Free delivery for many products! 1218 el prado ave. 5 print transformer spk.

60 amp at 15 volts encapsulated power transformer dbox of 4 at the best online prices at ebay! As the autobots returned to paradron to overthrow the decepticon oppressors, springer teamed up with rodimus and sandstorm to free the captive paradronians. The wire conductors of at least two different circuits are wrapped many times around this core. Like all of the new characters created for the transformers: the movie, springer has an earlier, alternate character model that served as the basis for his toy, and which was used for his appearances in the marvel comic. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for spitznagel spkpcb mount transformer 230v to 2 x 12v 5. Advancedcomponents. Are spitznagel transformers real? The extensive range includes power transformers and encapsulated transformers, audio transformers, chassis transformers, pcb transformers, pulse transformers and toroidal transformers. Made in germany, these tools are built rock solid and have to be because we put our family name on it.

The entire run of twenty- two decepticon decoys were sold as a. 45va vigortronix vtxpcb transformer 110/ 220/ 240vac 12va –. " insecticon" was only available in a two- pack with fellow trademark- loss refugee, rodimus. Transformers: earth wars. He was a super rare character who could be recruited by collecting 250 units of cybermetal, 75 units of transmetal, and 10 cores of this character. Am transformers are proud to act as the uk representative for spitznagel gmbh spitznagel offer excellent value on an extensive range of spitznagel encapsulated transformers and low profile encapsulated transformers. Our product range includes small transformers up to 100 va as well as other inductors such as transducers, restrictors or solenoids for a wide range of applications. First choice for mains & three phase transformers. Primary 115 v primary 230 v. Despite his rank, straxus used shrapnel' s face as. The war within chafing under megatron' s rule, sharpshot and his fellow insecticons began raiding energy storage and high- energy research facilities worldwide.

As an iso 9001: stocking distributor of electronic components you can trust 4 star to offer you the best prices on spitznagel parts and the highest level of quality assurance in the industry. Browse our huge selection of electronic transformers from leading manufacturers such as vigortronix and blore bowron. To say skrapnel enjoys his work is an understatement. Shrapnel was one of the decepticon decoys packed in with smaller carded transformers toys. Buy a wide range of encapsulated transformers from rapid online.

The agonized screams of his victims as their circuits pop and fry is all the reward skrapnel needs. , suite 134, torrance, ca 90501 tel: 310. Shrapnel transforms into a robotic stag beetleand doesn' t do a whole lot more than that. Superfast despatch & delivery on 3 phase transformers & other transformers. This site uses cookies to deliver our services and provide a basic level of website functionality.

Where did springer and sandstorm go in transformers? Like the other insecticons, he has a variation on his chromed parts, but this one is on his gun. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for spitznagel 0. This set also included three energon cubeaccessories that fit inside their chest compartments. The primary task of transformers is to increase or decrease alternating voltage. Spitznagel d 7201 tuningen trafo type spkprimary 220vac 50- 60 hz mains transformer with 2 x 9vac outputs 45va pcb mounting with 5mm pins the transformer has pin positions numbered 1- 10 but only 6 actual pins 1 and 5 on one side and 6, 7, 9, and 10 on the other primary 220vac 50- 60hz [.

Some shrapnels have " fins" on the very back- end of the rifle and a more detailed main barrel, while others ( obviously) lack those details. Shop online at low prices now! Shrapnel, bombshell, and kickback led an enormous swarm of insecticons to attack a farm. While temporarily out of his mind ( well, more than usual, anyway), the predacon waspinator believed himself to actually be shrapnel, and adopted his mannerisms and speech pattern, pattern.

8va javascript is currently disabled in your browser, please turn it on to avoid loss of functionality. Harvest of the insecticons when ultra magnus returned to earth with new troops in the form of wreck- gar and wheelie, the inse. Reviews terms & conditions rating guidelines. The four- wheel drive corps responded, but the attack turned out to be an ambush as the insecticons trapped the autobots in a volcanic crater. The energy gave them increased size and power, and it was only when the autobots and decepticons formed an alliance that they were able to be stopped. Where did shrapnel take part in transformers 2? Welcome to spitznagel!

If the autobots flee their testing site after having been discovered by the decepticons and confused their escape route for a tunnel that led them deeper underground instead of towards the surface, they would come upon shrapnel and his. Attack of the insecticons. 3 new spitznagel d 78609 power transformer spfd78609 new, no box. Spitznagel transformers - check galco stock for spitznagel transformers or alternatives. When unicron made his existence known to the autobots by destroying two of cybertron' s moons, springer was among those who left earth aboard a shuttle to stop the chaos- bringer somehow. Shrapnel was re- released as a toys" r" us exclusive in the universe line, in a set with his insecticon pals. Shrapnel was released as part of the japanese the transformers collection series in a set with bombshell and kickback. Spitznagel spkpcb mount transformer 1 x 230 v 2 x 18 v ac 3 va 83 ma. Japanese id number: 42 1.

Springer' s name comes from his ability to jump well. Spitznagel spk 01415 pcb mount transformer 1 x 230 v 1 x 15 v ac 1. Transformers: battle tactics. In terms of animation, springer' s early design appears in \ \ " only human\ \ ", used for the duration of the episode. 4va listing includes: - 1 x transformer encapsulated 230v/ 8v ( 50 units available - old stock workshop spoils). He has swivels at the shoulders and neck. Encapsulated power transformer. Spitznagel trafo spk 0400600. The second installment of hard hero' s " insecticon series", shrapnel is a 9- inch cold- cast porcelain statue sculpted by jason ray.

Pcb- transformers spk 031. Relishes it maybe. Shrapnel was one of the top lieutenants of lord straxus at darkmount on cybertron, acting as his executive officer and supervising both the technicians that translated soundwave' s message from earth and assisting on the space bridge project. Data sheet primary pin 1- 5 secondary pin 7- 9 data sheet www. While some fought, others left cybertron behind to expand the transformers' war to the planet nebulos. Transformer encapsulated 230v/ 24v spitznagel germany spk 01524 epoxy resin sealed primary 2/ 60 hz secondary: - 24v 0. Spitznagel gmbh transformer designer germany robust, custom- made spitznagel transformers are real specialists. Marvel the transformers comics. The shrapnel in this set has the lower- detail rifle, probably in order to keep it closer to the original- original release, particularly for the redeco. Inside, they found the long- lost autobot triple changer known as sandstorm, who now lived on a peaceful planet called paradron which had just been invaded by the decepticons.

60 at 9va; secondary 2 x 15v 0. Picture is a representation only - this is the " original stud welding kit " from spitznagel sold by dent fix equipment since 1978. 5va javascript is currently disabled in your browser, please turn it on to avoid loss of functionality. Manufactured to international and uk safety standards. Only 1000 pieces of the statue were produced.

Ei 30/ 18 print transformer spk. Super robot lifeform transformers # 2 shrapnel, along with the other insecticons, took part in an attack on kyushu that attracted the attention of the autobots. Primary 220vac secondary 9vac. Spitznagel parts distributors.

Spitznagel - spkspitznagel spkpcb mount transformer 230v to 2 x 15v 1. , rated power 0, 70 va, frequenzy 50- 60 hz, size: ei 25/ 7, shortcircuit- proof, twin- chamber winding, vacuum- moulded, certificates: vde 0570 en 61 558, ul 506, ul1585, class2 und class3, ( file e108 750), csa. Free shipping for many products! Sharpshot and kickback helped megatron defeat sentinel prime. Springer grappled with soundwave during a vicious battle between autobots and decepticons on cybertron. Filter results compare { { compareproducts. Pcb- transformers spk 007. Japanese id number: 16( full set) 1. More information on decoy shrapnel at tfu. Custom transformers design and manufacture service.

Primary like image. Insecticons ( toys" r" us exclusive multi- pack, ) 1. See full list on spitznagel- gmbh. Unit 7 building 1 chiltern paving industrial estate lane end road sands high wycombe bucks hp12 4hg united kingdom. : / 3064 | fax: / 3063 | de. It' s akin to an actor and applause. Like with his robot heroes incarnation ( see below), shrapnel has been renamed for trademark reasons, this time to " sharpshot". We supply literally hundreds of thousands of wound components each and every year. Transformers legends.

5va listing includes: - 1 x transformer encapsulated 230v/ 24v ( 50 units available - old stock workshop spoils). Spitznagel gmbh | vor der gasse 3 | d- 78609 tuningen | tel. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 30 pcs spitznagel spftransformers at the best online prices at ebay! 0062 toll free: 800. , rated power 2, 50 va, frequenzy 50- 60 hz, size: ei 30/ 18, not shortcircuit- proof, twin- chamber winding, vacuum- moulded, certificates: vde 0570 en 61558, ul 506, ul1585, class 2 und class 3, ( file e, csa. Insectrons ( multi- pack, ) 1. See image for measurements. Destron hero collection- 22 set( decoy multi- pack, 1987) 1. Sometimes there were many of him! Datasheetspitznagel spkpcb mount transformer 1 x 230 v 2 x 8 v ac 3 va 188 ma pdf; product description.

Shrapnel ( insecticon, 1985) 1. Skrapnel character bio skrapnel was summoned and brou. Transformers & coils > transformers > spitznagel trafo spkfollow us on facebook. Transformers convert electrical voltage. The extra- detail versions appear to. Headmaster comic b. The transformers. Shrapnel is a redeco of the diaclone waruder insecter robo kuwagatrer toy. Free uk delivery on orders over £ 30.

El 30/ 5 print transformer spk. Trafo: spfhz; primary 2 x 115v 0. More images for spitznagel transformers ». 0060 toll free: 800. Spitznagel spkpcb mount transformer 230v to 2 x 15v 0.

As part of the robot heroes line of pvc figurines, " insecticon" ( so named because hasbro was unable to acquire the trademarkto " shrapnel" ) is a two- inch tall soft- plastic figurine in an adorable " super- deformed" style. Am transformers are proud to act as the uk representative for spitznagel gmbh spitznagel offer excellent value on an extensive range of encapsulated transformers and low profile encapsulated transformers 2va to 30va space limiting split bobbin construction vacuum potted custom designs to your specification vde, en, ul, csa, and ce excellent prices 100% tested electrical and safety tested. The windings are called a transformer coils. When shockwave threatened the universe using zel quartz in, springer was one of the autobots warriors who travelled back in time to to prevent zel quartz from ever being cultivated for use by cybertronians. Tweets by wellgainelect. While the normal purple version could be included with any decepticon toy, the rarer red version was available only on throttlebotcards and only for a short while before the switch to purple. As you' d expect from someone who has a flying altmode, it' s not an ability he uses much. Spitznagel spkpcb mount transformer 1 x 230 v 2 x 15 v ac 0. Transformer encapsulated 230v/ 8v spitznagel germany spk 06008 epoxy resin sealed primary 2/ 60 hz secondary: - 8v 0. We are a specialist supplier of mains transformers and ac/ dc power adaptors, offering a high- quality product at competitive prices.

Springer and wreck- gar commercial 2. Spitznagel ' all spitznagel products' power supplies & transformers transformers encapsulated transformers pcb encapsulated. The ship springer was aboard crashlanded on the planet junk, wh. Beast wars cartoon. They consist of a magnetic circuit, usually with an iron or ferrite steel core. Separated from the rest of his team in the crash, he rejoined the present and future autobots in their campaign after the first false lead for the quartz on zel samine. Am transformers are uk transformer manufacturers and distributors of quality transformer products. Personal details.

Electrical data mechanical data secondary rms rating part number rated no- load load current voltage voltage mamp. Likewise, bombshell' s name has been changed to " hardshell", a name previously used for his robot hero. 4 star electronics is the industry leader in supplying obsolete spitznagel parts including transformers. Skrapnel participated in battles against a variety of opponents, both autobots and decepticons. This is a lot of 2 spitznagel pcb transformers. He was also was responsible for capturing autobot spy scrounge before he could report back on the whereabouts of spanner, a neutral whose expertise on space bridge travel was sought out by the decepticons. Transformers spitznagel usa. Shrapnel was stationed at the insecticons' nest, an underground cavern located near to another cavern the autobots used to test the sun- pak, an energy device that could power a cybertronian for twenty- four hours after being charged for only an hour in sunlight. Same day shipping while supplies last! More information on univ. See full list on tfwiki.

Insecticons commercial.

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